February, 2014 – NWT drivers, commercial carriers, and organizations can create online accounts to manage their driver and motor vehicle information.  Once registered, your e-Notification account will allow you to receive e-mail reminders from the Government of the Northwest Territories to renew a driver’s license, general identification card, vehicle registration, drivers medical, appointments, and commercial vehicle inspection notifications.

April, 2014 – Online clients can now renew vehicle registrations as well as book, reschedule or cancel a driver examinations.  Once the exam is booked you can simply self-manage the booking by rescheduling or canceling the appointment.  Online clients can also process replacement documents for Receipts, Vehicle Registration Certificates, Examinations, Commercial Registration Permits, Single Trip Permits and Annual Permits.  If you’re renewing your vehicle registration, you can now update the address to any address that we have on your file. 

NWT residents that have never had a NWT Drivers Licence, General Identification Card or a Vehicle Registered to them can now create an online account to book driver exams.       

April, 2016 – Commercial clients may now obtain a new Registration Permit as well as apply and obtain permits including single trip permits (fuel tax permits, Deh Cho Bridge Toll permits, Over dimensional and over weight permits) and annual permits.

On-line Services now include: