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What is this training?

Entry level training (ELT) became mandatory in the NWT as of January 21, 2022. ELT provides people seeking to get a Class 1 driver’s licence (for operating semi-trailers and tractor trailers) with basic driving skills.

ELT includes both classroom and practical work, consisting of an in-class curriculum, in-cab training, and in-yard training. There is 113 hours of training required to complete this course, which consists of 10 modules.  

Why is this training important?

Following the Humboldt Broncos bus tragedy in 2018, there were renewed calls for mandatory training in Canada. All jurisdictions in Canada, the federal government, the Canadian Council of Motor Transport Administrators and the Canadian Transportation Agency have agreed that new national safety standards in ELT are vital for the continued sustainability and advancement of the industry.   

Mandatory entry level training will result in more highly skilled drivers in the trucking sector and enhance road safety for all users in the NWT. The move aligns the NWT with other jurisdictions in Canada who have implemented entry level training for Class 1 truck drivers.

Who needs this training?

Anyone seeking to get a Class 1 driver’s licence for the first time will need to take ELT. If you already have a Class 1 licence, you DO NOT need to take ELT. Mandatory ELT is also not required for anyone with a Class 2 driver’s licence or anyone seeking to obtain one.

To be eligible for this training in the NWT, you must be at least 18 years old and hold an NWT non-probationary Class 2,3,4 and 5 licence.

Where can I get this training?

The GNWT is working with driving schools interested in seeking approval to become ELT providers in the territory. ELT is currently being offered at Aurora College’s Aurora campus in Inuvik.

This section will be updated as ELT providers in other NWT communities are certified.

What will this training cost?

The cost of the training may vary depending on the ELT provider. Please contact NWT ELT providers to find out more about costs for training.

Anyone taking ELT may be able to access funding to help cover the costs associated with training through Education, Culture and Employment, Indigenous governments and Indigenous organizations or employers.