NWT Driver’s Licence and Identification Cards

The Department of Transportation on-line driver’s licence and identification card renewal is designed to provide NWT citizens with the ability to purchase their renewal directly on-line.   On-line renewals will be mailed to your address we have on file.

If you need a change of address, licence class any other information changed on your driver's licence or NWT identification card; you must visit an NWT issuing office for this service.

On-line NWT Driver's Licence

  • The on-line driver's licence renewal does not provide a temporary driver's licence and it will re-use your current driver's photo. If you require a temporary driver's licence or if you do not want to re-use your current photo, do not proceed with the online renewal; you need to visit your local issuing office for the renewal of your driver's licence .
  • The on-line driver’s licence renewal will provide you with a 60 day confirmation letter that must be presented with your current drivers licence when requested. Your new Drivers Licence will be mailed to you and should be received in 3 -4 weeks.
    If you have an unpaid fine, a driver suspension, or if your driver's licence has been cancelled you will not be able to renew on-line.
  • You can renew your driver's licence on-line as early as 90 days before the expiry date.


    On-line NWT Identification Card

    • You can renew your NWT Identification Card on-line as early as 90 days before the expiry date and up to 1 year after its expiry date


      1. The personal information collected relates directly to and is necessary for the administration of issuing secure identification. The privacy provisions of the NWT Access to Information and Protection of Privacy Act protect the personal information used in this process. If you have questions regarding the collection of this information, please contact us.