Some Commercial Fees Waived due to COVID-19
In support of the critical resupply chain, the fees associated with Deh Cho Bridge Toll permits, special permits, overweight permits, and over-dimensional permits are set to $0 until further notice.

What are Commercial Services?

Carrier services are on-line services which allow commercial carriers to purchase permits on-line.  This include Single Trip permist as well as Annual and Special Permits.

In the future, Carriers will be able to manage their fleet (uploading photos, managing their transponders and unit numbers) and report monthly toll crossings through the on-line services site.


All permits purchased on-line must be paid on-line using a major credit card (AMEX, Mastercard or VISA)

All northbound commercial vehicles over 4,500 kg crossing the Deh Cho Bridge will be subject to a toll. Compliance will be monitored through on-road patrols and an electronic toll monitoring system, which will include high-resolution cameras for capturing images of all bridge traffic.

You must purchase a toll permit when crossing the Deh Cho Bridge northbound if:

  • you are not a toll remitter
  • you are a toll remitter but the vehicle does not have a transponder

When we issue a Registration Permit, we check to ensure your registration in your home jurisidiction is valid (that it hasn't expired), that the vehicle is not marked stolen, that your registration may be renewed and a variety of other conditions.

If anything is reported by your home jurisdiction, you will not be able to obtain a Registration Permit.  You will need to contact your local issuing agent to investigate and remedy the issues with your base registration before you may receive a Registration Permit in the Northwest Territories.

All permits must be paid on-line using a major credit card (AMEX, Master Card or VISA)

A Fuel Tax Remitter is a carrier who has obtained autorization to track their territorial fuel consuption and report on a monthly or quarterly basis to the Department of Finance.  A fuel tax remitter is not required to purchase a Fuel Tax on single trip permit  

Any carriers wishing to become monthly fuel tax reporters may do so by contacting the Department of Finance at (867) 767-9177 ext. 15272.  Fuel tax and charge request forms can be filled out and returned to the Department of Finance by following this link


 Number of axles

Toll Rate

Toll A Remitted

2-4 axles 


Toll B Remitted

 5-6 axles


Toll C Remitted

 7-8 axles


Toll D Remitted

 9+ axles





Toll A Purchased

 2-4 axles


Toll B Purchased

 5-6 axles


Toll C Purchased

 7-8 axles


Toll D Purchased

 9+ axles


Refund Request



The ‘winter load tolerance’ allowance gives the trucking industry the opportunity to increase load capacity by 500 kg per axle not including steering axles. This allowance does not permit for any accumulative overweight on: A-train, B-train, C-train or Super B-train truck and trailer configurations. The table below gives estimates for the winter load tolerances.

Vehicle Configuration, with regulated weights

GVW, kg

WLT, kg

Single Axle Straight Truck



Tandem Axle Straight Truck



Tridem Axle Straight Truck



Straight Truck Combination Full Trailer



Tandem Axle Semi-Trailer/Truck Tractor



Tridem Axle Semi-Trailer/Truck Tractor



A-Train Truck and Trailer



B-Train Truck and Trailer Combinations



C-Train Truck



Carriers have the option of applying to use the monthly remittance method instead of purchasing single-use toll permits in advance. The benefits of the remittance method are numerous. By remitting a single payment for all crossings in a given month, accounting and payment procedures will be simplified. Further, remittance users will enjoy considerable savings compared to purchasers of single-use toll permits.

To apply, complete the Remittance Application  in full and return to the Department of Transportation. Once an application is approved, carriers using the monthly remittance method must report all northbound trips.

Approved carriers must also register and install an approved transponder in every vehicle crossing the bridge. Transponders must be obtained from International Road Dynamics (IRD) by calling toll-free at 1 (866) 903-0333 or by email to Transponder.

Remittance Applications can be sent by e-mail to Toll Admin  or by mail to:

Remittance Agreement Finance Office  

Department of Transportation - South Slave Region 
Suite 201 - 76 Capital Drive 
Hay River, NT X0E 1G2

Questions regarding the Remittance Agreement or general remittance procedures may be directed to Toll Admin.

Prices for Commercial Carrier Permits




$10.00 X distance divided by 100 X over-weight divided by 1000 + $20.00

Special Permit


Annual Over-Dimension


Annual Pole Truck


Fuel Tax

8.5 cents for every kilometre driven in the NWT

Registration Permit (for 12 months) 

$125.00 plus

- $12.73 for every 500 kg or portion of  500 kg over 2500 kg, up to 5000 kg GVWR and

- $36.40 for every 1000 kg or portion of 1000 kg over 5000 kg GVWR

 *all prices in Canadian dollars

effective May 1, 2016