The first step is to enter your driver's licence number.

Click  to place the abstract request into the shopping cart. If you have entered a valid Driver's Licence number, the shopping cart will open.

If you are an authorized organization, you will be able to generate bulk abstracts.

First, you must enter the driver's licence or client number, and the date of birth of the individual you need an abstract for.

Click .

If you have entered valid information for the individual, the request will be added to the list at the bottom of the page. You can add as many abstract requests as needed.

Once you have added all the requests, click  to place the abstract requests into the shopping cart.

Once you check out and pay for the driver's abstract(s) you will be able to print or email the documents.

For an organization, if you requested several abstracts, each abstract will be on separate pages in one PDF file.

Click  if you do not want to request a driver's abstract.


Entered data is not valid

You have entered an invalid driver's licence number or the driver's licence may have expired. Try re-entering your driver's licence number or check to see if your driver's licence is expired.

Client cannot obtain abstract due to restrictions

Your organization has not been given access to obtain abstracts. If you require access please contact us.