Some Commercial Fees Waived due to COVID-19
In support of the critical resupply chain, the fees associated with Deh Cho Bridge Toll permits, special permits, overweight permits, and over-dimensional permits are set to $0 until further notice.

Book an Exam

What you need to book an exam online:

  1. DMV E-Notification account.
    • The Driver and Motor Vehicle E-Notification account registration indicates you have consented to be part of the online services.
    • If you do not have an E-Notification account you can sign up here.
    • If you are a new client you can set up your own online account here. A new client does not yet have a Driver and Motor Vehicle Client ID.
  2. Valid Credit Card.
    • Your valid credit card number information is used to pay the required fees.
  3. PDF reader software such as Adobe Reader on your computer to view documents.
  4. A printer to print your Examination Documents and payment receipt.

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