Some Commercial Fees Waived due to COVID-19
In support of the critical resupply chain, the fees associated with Deh Cho Bridge Toll permits, special permits, overweight permits, and over-dimensional permits are set to $0 until further notice.

Find Vehicle

The first step is to select the vehicle you wish to get a new registration permit for. A list of your vehicles will be displayed at the bottom of the page.

You can click on a vehicle from the list, or search by:

  • Licence Plate Number and
  • Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)

If you choose to use the Search By option:

Enter your licence plate number and Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) and click  to find your vehicle.

A search will be performed to confirm your registration details. See Registration Search help if you encounter an error.

The vehicle and owner information will be displayed. 

If the information is correct, click on the check box to confirm.

Click  to continue to the next step.

Several verification steps are completed

  1. If the vehicle already has an existing Registration Permit to operate in the NT, the permit can be renewed even if it is expired.

  1. If the vehicle is found in our system with a Registration Permit belonging to another company, a change of ownership declaration will be displayed:

    To change vehicle ownership, the vehicle MUST be registered to your company.  If this is true, click the declaration check box.

  1. The system will verify the status of your registration.

  1. If we cannot obtain your registration information, you cannot obtain a registration permit at this time.

    Possible causes:

    • VIN and Plate do not match
    Please ensure the plate and VIN are correct

    • System is down
    If the system we use to check your registration is not available or if your company is from outside of Canada, we cannot issue you a Registration Permit on-line.  Please try again later or contact us for assistance.

  1. If the system cannot verify the information from your home jurisdiction, you cannot obtain a registration permit in the NT at this time.  Please contact issuing agents within your home jurisdiction to verify your vehicle registration.