Some Commercial Fees Waived due to COVID-19
In support of the critical resupply chain, the fees associated with Deh Cho Bridge Toll permits, special permits, overweight permits, and over-dimensional permits are set to $0 until further notice.

Replace Plate on Registration Permit

Any commercial vehicle registered outside of the NT over 4,500 KG can replace a Licence Plate on a non-expired Registration Permit.


You may also change a Licence Plate during the renewal process. If your registration permit has expired, renew and change the plate during the renewal.

  1. Client

    • Client must be an organization.
    • Client must NOT be from the Northwest Territories.
    • The client's NSC status must be satisfactory or satisfactory unaudited.
    • User must have the security role to issue permits (Role of Administrator, Permit Agent or Vehicle Manager).


    • Vehicle must have a non-expired registration permit in the NT
    • Vehicle must have a non-expired registration in the client's home jurisdiction.
    • Vehicle must be in good standing.