Register as a New Client

If you are a NWT resident that has never had a NWT Driver’s Licence, Identification Card or a vehicle registered in your name you can now create an online driver and motor vehicle services (DMV) account to book your driver examination.

If you are a commercial organization, please contact us to have your organization created.

  1. By filling out the on-line form you consent to allow the Department of Transportation to use the information collected to setup an on-line account. You also consent to allow the Department to notify you by email regarding one of the services indicated, such as an upcoming driver examination, or a soon expiring Driver’s Licence. The personal information collected on this form relates directly to, and is necessary for the administration of the Department’s on-line DMV services and the DMV E-Notification Service.

    The privacy provisions of the NWT Access to Information and Protection of Privacy Act  protect the personal information used in this process. If you have questions regarding the collection of this information please contact us

If you are interested in subscribing as a New Client to E-Notification and DMV On-line Services, please complete the application form below. All lines in red must be completed.  If you already have a NWT Driver's Licence, Identification Card or a vehicle registered in your name, you mustSubscribe as an existing client

Client Registration
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