The Department of Transportation on-line permitting is designed to provide commercial carriers with the ability to purchase permits directly on-line.

  1. The personal information collected relates directly to and is necessary for the administration of vehicle permitting.  The privacy provisions of the NWT Access to Information and Protection of Privacy Act protect the personal information used in this process. If you have questions regarding the collection of this information please contact us

  1. Any commercial vehicle registered and base plated in another jurisdiction over 4,500 kg will require a registration permit to operate in the Northwest Territories.  A registration permit may be purchased for 1 to 12 months. To obtain a new registration permit on a vehicle which has never been registered in the Northwest Territories, you will need the following information on the vehicle:

    • current plate number
    • VIN

    If you have already registered your vehicle in the Northwest Territories, you may renew your registration permit through the renewal process (even if the registration permit has lapsed).

  1. If you have an existing, active registration permit however, the plate number has changed on the vehicle, you can update the plate on your registration permit through this service.  You will need the VIN of the vehicle.

  1. A single trip permit provides authorization for the operation of vehicle for a single trip and includes:

    • Fuel tax (if carrier is not a fuel tax self-remitter)
    • Toll permit (if carrier is not a toll remitter or if vehicle does not have a transponder)
    • Over-weight
    • Over dimension
    Note Single Trip permits are only valid for a single trip and only for the dates on the permit. Single Trip permits may require review and approval by Highway Transportation Officers
  1. Permits which require review by the highway transport officers will be listed in this section.  You will receive an email once the permit has been reviewed.  Once approved, the permit listed in this section may selected and paid for. 

  1. An annual permit may be obtained on a specific vehicle to allow:

    • Over-height (up to a maximum 5.2 m)
    • Over-width (up to a maximum of 5.5 m)
    • Extended Train (up to a maximum of 32 m)
    • Special Permits
      • Hours of service exception
      • Winter road operation
      • 8-axle configurations
      • 9-axle configuration
    Note special permits may require a designated route. Annual permits may require review and approval by Highway Transportation Officers.