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New Registration Permit enter Plate and VIN

The first step to find a vehicle is to enter the plate as it is registered in your home jurisdiction and the VIN.

Several verification steps are completed

  1. If the vehicle already has a Registration Permit in the NT, the permit can be renewed even if it is expired.

  1. If the vehicle is found in our system with an active (non-expired) Registration Permit on another company, a change of ownership declaration will be displayed:

    Please ensure that you have purchased the vehicle from this company and it is now registered to you.  If this is true, click the declaration check box.

  1. The system will check with your home jurisdiction to ensure your vehicle is properly registered.

  1. If we cannot obtain your registration information, you cannot obtain a registration permit at this time.

    Possible causes:

    • VIN and Plate do not match
    Please ensure the plate and VIN are correct
    • System is down
    If the system we use to check your registration is not available or if you are from outside of Canada, we cannot issue you a Registration Permit on-line.  Please try again later or contact us for assistance.
  1. If information from your home jurisdiction says you cannot register your vehicle, you cannot obtain a registration permit in the NT.  Please check with your issuing agents within your jurisdiction to find out why you cannot register.  That is, if you are from Alberta, you will need to speak with issuing agents in Alberta.  You can also contact us for assistance.