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Single Trip Permit Dates and Route

First step of a Single trip permit is to describe the date and where the trip will be going.

  1. Effective Date

    The date the permit starts.  You cannot purchase a permit more than 30 days in the future or beyond the vehicle's registration or registration permit expiry date.

    Expiry Date

    The date the permit ends.  By default a permit is valid for 2 days however, you may change the permit to expiry up to 10 days after the effective date.  The expiry date of the permit can not be after the vehicle's registration or registration permit expiry date.

  1. Select the origin and destination of the route.  You can select a border, community or junction to start and end the trip

    To start or end at a specific kilometer on a highway, select KM in the drop down, select the Highway name and enter the specific kilometer on the highway.  The kilometer must be in the range of valid kilometers on that specific highway

    If a route doesn't exist between the origin and destination OR if the road is closed, an error message will occur

  1. Job number

    Optional field which may be used by the client to track trips on a specific job

    Load Material

    Select the type of material.  May be required to enter a further description to describe the load in greater detail.  For instance when hauling Dangerous Goods, you must enter a description of the goods.

    Request Notes

    Enter any additional information that may be required to describe the trip.