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For each axle, select the type of axle and the weight per axle.

A default number of axles will be set based on the vehicle configuration chosen, however more axle groups may be added if needed.

A chart at the bottom of the page describes al the axle types and their associated weight limits.

Enter the weights for each axle group.  When complete click Recalculate to determine any over weight fees or approvals required.

  1. 1. Over weight on Axles

    Overweight on an axle is determined by the axle type selected and the over weight limit for that axle type. See the axle weight chart for specific values.

    If the weight entered is greater than the over weight limit, the axle is considered to be overweight and a fee will be charged. In the winter, the seasonal weight is used as the limit. This will give an extra 1,000 kg on specific axles. For example, a Tridrive axle is considered overweight at 17,000 kg. but in the winter this limit goes up to 18,000 kg.

    If a weight is entered greater than the maximum limit for the axle, HTO approval will be required.  This could be the case on steering axles.

    2. Over Registered Weight

    If the total weight entered is greater than the GVWR, an overweight fee is calculated on the difference