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Replace Plate Find Vehicle

Locate the vehicle by entering the Vehicle's VIN.

The system will check to ensure:

  • the VIN has an active registration permit
  • the client's NSC status is satisfactory or satisfactory unaudited
  • the vehicle is in good standing (not marked out of service by an inspection)

If the Vehicle is not found, check the VIN and check you are on the correct client.

If the registration permit has expired, please renew the registration.  During the renew process, the plate number may be changed

NOTE: you may only replace a plate on a non-NT registration permit.  If you need to change a plate on an NT registration , please visit an issuing site.

  1. Information at the top right hand side of the screen shows who you are signed in as, which client you are working on and the security role you have

    To change to a different client, click the drop down arrow beside the user name (who is signed in) and select Change Client.

    Select the client you wish to work on from the list and click Next