Renew or replace a driver’s licence

Driver’s licences are valid for one, three or five years. Your class of licence, age or medical status may require more frequent renewal.

Renew online Replace online

To renew or replace in-person:

Visit a driver and vehicle office with your existing driver's licence.

If licence information needs to change (such as address):

  1. Fill out this form and print it (forms also available in-person at driver and vehicle offices).

  2. Visit a driver and vehicle office with your existing licence and one of the following:

    •  Bank statement identifying residential address

    • Canada Pension Plan (CPP) benefit statement

    • Employment Insurance (CI) benefit statement

    • Federal widow / widower benefit statement

    • Signed lease agreement identifying residential address (either from a private or commercially owned properties)

    • Letter from employer on letterhead (must state employee’s residential address)

    • Mortgage agreement identifying residential address

    • NWT Student Financial Assistance (SFA)

    • Pay Stub identifying residential address

    • Property tax statement

    • Signed note from landlord, roommate, spouse, parent or guardian accompanied by their proof of residency

    • Utility bill identifying residential address

    • Veteran’s benefit statement

    • Financial case report 

    • Cable, landline or cellphone bill

    • Home or automobile insurance policy identifying residential address

If licence is expired more than two years:

  1. Follow the process for a new licence.


  • 5-year renewal: $103.00  (seniors 60+: $51.00)
  • 3-year renewal: $79.00  (seniors 60+: $40.00)
  • 1-year renewal: $43.00  (seniors 60+: $22.00)
  • Replacement of lost, damaged, or stolen licence: $31.00  (seniors 60+: $16.00)